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Mujjo – Premium MacBook Air Sleeve

I recently ordered a Mujjo sleeve for my MacBook Air. I must say this has to be once of the nicest sleeves of any type I have ever seen. It is a bit expensive weighing in at ~$92 shipped but it is well worth it. 

They make them for many different items, I am strongly thinking about one for my iPad. Only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger is that I am thinking of getting an iPad Mini, but I am holding out for the Mini Retina.

Check it out here!

DerbyCon 2.0

A couple months back I had the pleasure to attend the 2nd ever DerbyCon event down in Louisville, KY. This was the best conference of the year. DEFCON is great but you get all the feel of DEFCON with 1/10th the people and none of the clicks. This was truly one big group to have fun and learn about security. It was also nice to have multiple defensive talks. While I understand that DEFCON and BlackHat are offensive conferences it was nice to have a mix of both especially when there wasn’t a bunch of vendor sponsored talks. In fact I sat in on a couple talks that were specific to FOSS tools.

Check out the talks at