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Garage Door Sensor – Part 1

All the parts to create the first project has arrived.

IMG 1550


First task was to solder up the Pi Cobbler kit. Instructions can be found here

IMG 1551

After soldering up the pins on the cobbler kit I hooked everything up on the solder-less breadboard.


IMG 1552


After getting all that done I grabbed a quick python script to verify that my setup is actually working. Next step is to learn some python for the Pi so I can write my own scripts to progress.



First Hardware Project

I picked up a Raspberry Pi several months ago after being on a waiting list. I knew eventually I would find something to do with it. To get started I am going create a simple garage door sensor. There have been many times where I pulled away from the house and couldn’t remember if I put the garage door down. The plan is to have a sensor test if the door is down and have a web page display the status of the door. Eventually I want to expand it to actually lower or raise the door (Still planning that). I will be updating here with the project.

For now here is the shopping list:

Raspberry Pi 

Breadboarding wire bundle 


Adafruit Pi Cobbler Breakout Kit

MCP3008 – 8-Channel 10-Bit ADC With SPI Interface

Force-Sensitive Resistor

Everything is on order, once it arrives the project really begins. Pi is loaded with Rasbian and on the network.

DerbyCon 2.0

A couple months back I had the pleasure to attend the 2nd ever DerbyCon event down in Louisville, KY. This was the best conference of the year. DEFCON is great but you get all the feel of DEFCON with 1/10th the people and none of the clicks. This was truly one big group to have fun and learn about security. It was also nice to have multiple defensive talks. While I understand that DEFCON and BlackHat are offensive conferences it was nice to have a mix of both especially when there wasn’t a bunch of vendor sponsored talks. In fact I sat in on a couple talks that were specific to FOSS tools.

Check out the talks at

PWB, BlackHat 2012 and Defcon XX

I have been meaning to get a post up about my time at BlackHat 2012 and Defcon XX. So here goes, just over a month late.

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